Capital Industrial Coatings

Customized Plans for Your Unique Needs

We at Capital Industrial Coatings pride ourselves on creating a project plan specific to your organization's needs. By understanding our clients circumstances through specification review and facility visits, we create customized plans to achieve desired results while maintaining strict safety and regulatory standards.


Providing Solutions for Industrial / Heavy Commercial Structures

Improve, protect and maintain valuable industrial and heavy commercial structures through comprehensive analysis and execution. 

Our specialty services at Capital Industrial Coatings include:

Industrial Paint:

All types of coatings and surfaces are used as we are an approved applicator for a variety of specialty manufacturers.

• Advanced Polymers Ameron • Carboline • Ceilcote • Dampney • Devcon • Duramar • Dudick • Dupont • Futura • Heresite • ICI DeVoe International Paint Jotun • Keeler & Long • Master Builders • Permite • PPG • Rust-Oleum • Sentry Polymers • Sherwin Williams • Sika • Sigma • Sigma • Thoro Systems • Tnemec • Wasser • And Others

* for specific product details, please visit the manufacturers website

Lead Abatement:

• Containment Enclosures • Negative Air Systems • Personnel Monitoring • Waste Disposal

Floor Coating Systems:

• Abrasion Resistant Systems • Broadcast Systems • Self-Leveling Systems • Thin Film Systems • Chemical Resistant Troweled Systems

Transportation Maintenance:

• Department of Transportation (DOT) Maintenance Requirements • API 653 Standard maintenance

Fireproofing & Fire Penetration Systems:

We are an approved applicator for a variety of specialty manufacturers for Fireproofing:

• Albi-Clad • Albi Duraspray • T extron Chartek • Carboline Pyrocrete • Dow Silicone Foam • Mandoval Fendolite • PPG Pittchar • TSI Thermolag

Tank Coatings and Linings:

• Elastomeric Urethanes • Epoxies • Fiber Reinforced Laminates • Inorganic Zinc • Phenolics • Vinyl Esters 

And Others Area of training and regulation:

49CFR Parts 192, 193, 195 - OQ qualifications - NCCER

Coating Programs:

• Condition and Quantity Surveys • Long Term Budgeting • Fireproofing Surveys

Corrosion Mitigation

Areas Needed

Asset Preservation & Preventative Maintenance  

• Areas needed

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